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About Us

We believe a design element is only a design element until it is tastefully brought to life. That is something we live for, for the beauty in all things. No matter the scale of the project, we take time on the details.

Our Story & Design Philosophy

No matter the size of a space, we design based on cohesion and functionality. These two things are often pushed to the end of a project but in fact, is the essence of the space itself ~ the energy the space will emit when the project is finished. It won't matter how nice your porcelain slab flooring is, or that your shower tiles cost $45/sq ft. If the space is not designed to work before the materials are chosen, then the space won't be able to showcase the materials in a proud manner.


Cohesiveness, is within the tetrahedral mathematics between the space, the design, and the function. It is called sacred geometry. These must all be designed around one another to create harmony between the space or will result in the space feeling unorganized. In order to bring you the perfect design for your space, first, we understand and listen to the needs of the space, way before the needs of the person living in them.


Owned and operated by an individual who can't help but see how to bring the small details together. We strive to create work that becomes the larger picture and really stands out tastefully. That's why we believe that everyone deserves to have a contractor and designer who fully understands the design and remodel process. We have relationships with GTA's top distributors enabling us to provide our clients with the best design elements to guarantee a beautifully executed result at competitive prices.

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