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COHESIVE Design & Finishes For Existing Projects

Are you a contractor, construction company, or home builder?


Let us take over and finish your existing job. Once electrical, plumbing, framing, and drywalling are complete, we come in and finish your job, handing over a completed project to the client. We execute all finishes, design, and decor. Including: kitchen, bathroom, custom closet, hardware selection, flooring, backsplash, built-ins, accent/feature wall, wall paneling/wainscoting, painting, furniture & decor selection.

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Interior Design + Project Management

Entire design bundle + build management. A personal approach & tailored guidance adapting to any style.

  • Construction plans - CAD drawings & permits

  • Floor plan & layout options - 2D/3D visuals of layout

  • Concept design & space planning

  • Mood boards & styling

  • 3D rendering visuals & walk through animation video

  • Renovation management - sourcing, hiring, & management of sub-contractors - if required

  • Finishing & detailing - ensuring installation process is smooth & to specifications - handled with utmost quality & care

  • Unlimited phone & email contact


Cohesive Design & Finishes For New Builds

So you purchased a new build? It might be 6 months, 2 years, 4 years or next week that you're moving in. After looking over all of the upgrades that your home builder offers, you've probably noticed that the prices are priced rather high, but you're willing to pay extra because everything will be move in ready.


We have experience with upgrading new home builds into creating a cohesive design. If you're buying a new home from a developer, don't waste your money purchasing the upgrades you want from them. They do not have access to the custom finishes you desire and the tradesmen working on a new build do not possess the skill to execute luxury finishes. If you don't believe us, check out all home builder's reviews.

Housing Development

Most builders build remarkable solid homes, but the tradesmen who do the work might only have a few years of experience and can't do top tier custom finishes. Choosing our company ensures you get the luxury design & finish you want for a fraction of the price a developer will charge. We possess the knowledge and detailed precision necessary to execute every aspect of finishing a home in luxury.


From choosing the right bathroom tile to creating a living area filled with inspiration, we take care of the details - all while staying within your budget. Always upfront about pricing. Getting you the most out of your home.


Full Design Client/Project Management Plans

Package plans & budgets for small or large projects - Offering design management solutions for contractors, construction companies, home builders, developers, architects, real estate agents, & other professional businesses.

Figuring out design elements, designing a space, and working with them from start to finish all to create a detailed plan for you and your team to execute the build. No more back and forth with clients, we handle that for you. We work as your company's personal design firm, allowing you to free up time in regard to the design & finish management of your projects.

Once the design is signed off on by your client, we provide a detailed multi-page folder including:

  • Construction plans - CAD drawings & permit-ready blueprints
  • Concept design & space planning
  • 2D/3D visuals of floor plan/layouts
  • 3D rendering visuals & walk through animation video
  • Design elements board & styling
  • 360° Virtual Tours - if required for real estate agents

  • Unlimited phone & email contact

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& create your vision.

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Our priority is delivering seamless experiences as we take care of every little detail from start to finish. Let us guide your project in the right direction.

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